Major areas of expertise

  • Systems Engineering
    Management of complexity, Separation of Concerns, Abstraction, Decomposition, System architecture
  • Requirements Engineering, Use Case and Feature Modelling
  • Design & development of distributed object-oriented enterprise software systems using JEE / Java
  • Agile Software Development Processes
    Initiation and Support
  • Architecture, Design and Code Reviews
    using the object-oriented software metrics
  • Evaluation of technologies and implementation of feasibility studies
  • Training, Coaching and Team Enabling
    applying Design patterns, teaching Object-oriented design, taking ScrumMaster role
  • Consulting services
    Help and support for customers during their decision making processes relating to vision, strategy, business case, etc.


  • Frameworks, Components, APIs: Struts, Servlets, EJB, JMS, JSF, Swing, SWT & JFace, Sax & DOM, CORBA, Web Services, JPA, Hibernate, log4J, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch
  • Middleware: Corba/IDL, JEE, WebServices
  • Tools: Eclipse, oAW, Enterprise Architect, MagicDraw, CVS, SVN, Git
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows, Unix/Mac OS X, iOS
  • Languages: UML2, XSLT, Xpand/Xtend/Check (oAW), AOP, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, Swift, Smalltalk, SQL, Modula 2, Pascal, JUnit, IDL, (X)HTML, CSS, SQL , XML, XML Schema, XSLT, UML2, Maven
  • Web technology and Portal architecture: Glassfish, WebLogic, JBOSS
  • Application integration and web services
  • Database utilities and management systems: Hibernate, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, HSQL, H2


Sun Certified Java Programmer Sun Certified Java Developer
Sun Certified Professional Sun Certified Enterprise Architect
Certified ScrumMaster