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Who are we

Connected Softec was founded by Jan Horyna in 2010.
After his successful studies of computer science & economics in 1987 Jan gained valuable experience serving as programmer, designer, architect and consultant in areas of industry, finance and public administration during last 25 years.

Our pragmatic approach and deep understanding of the software development process ensures, that project goals are met on time and budget. The achieved high software / service quality makes customers happy.

We believe that

  • Through innovative solutions, the price / performance ratio for software development can be significantly improved
  • Optimal efficiency and quality can only be achieved in a stable, cross-functional teams (including stakeholders and independent of internal / external mixing of the team members)
  • Continuous learning and improving is absolutely essential today
  • Evolution, NOT revolution, lean agile approach, (team suitable), early feedback, ...
  • Testing is absolutely necessary and must be largely automated
  • Reusability at all levels of abstraction contributes to the efficiency and quality
  • Only when the software development is a passion best performances are achieved
  • Architecture definition is part of each iteration of the agile process, not an up-front work!!!

Our Values

Software Engineering with Connected Softec is characterized by:

  • very close collaboration with our stakeholders
  • high quality awareness
  • belief in innovation
  • constant learning
  • software development is our passion

Only in this way can we provide the commonly defined functionality in the appropriate quality, without delay and to agreed costs.